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Open QuoteThe reasons digital marketing campaigns fail can be solved. That’s a bold statement and I say it confidently, as I’ve had decades of experience in digital marketing and have made my own mistakes along the way. If you’ve worked on your own, with/within in-house staff, with an agency, or any combination, and not gotten the results you felt you deserved, then you likely didn’t have robust enough plan. And, again, I say that with love as I’ve been there.

That’s why our team created the START Planning process that ultimately leads companies through thorough steps to arrive at their own Digital Marketing Success Plan™. In The Digital Marketing Success Plan™ book I provide the background, justification, inspiration, some honest stories, and how-to content to help you on the journey to create your own plan.

Check out more about The Digital Marketing Success Plan™ including free resources and learn more–or, get a copy now.

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Corey speaks at conferences across North America on a range of digital topics, including:

This flexible offering is conducted in session blocks, half-day, or full-day formats. As a workshop, it focuses on unpacking digital strategy, channel mixes, performance measurement, and tactical implementation. Ample time is built in for Q&A during each session, as well as live labs for attendees to apply workshop content to their own scenarios and situations. This offering is a great addition to conferences, corporate training sessions, and other industry events, or even as a standalone affair. Distance is not disqualifying—Corey has conducted these trainings across North America, from Kansas City to the Cayman Islands.

SEO is a discipline with many gray areas and best practices change frequently. Outdated tactics can harm ROI opportunities, and you often won’t realize a mistake until the damage is done. Many of these SEO blunders come from a lack of proper resourcing rather than intentional black hat tactics—in such a broad discipline, there’s plenty of room to stumble. In this session, Corey unpacks the biggest risk factors that limit the benefits of SEO for organizations and brands.

It’s natural to assume SEO and paid search belong to their respective silos and teams. However, when they work together to share learnings, data, and efficiencies, SEO and PPC results flourish. By leveraging shared aspects between channels, one may find that unifying them within a broader marketing plan becomes less of a challenge and more of a no-brainer.

Because search engine optimization (SEO) is so specialized and technical, it can quickly become overwhelming to the C-suite. Worse yet, the act of over-simplifying SEO as something easily understandable or effortless to get right usually results in unmet expectations. With SEO’s nature as mysterious as it is, it’s no surprise that it often causes misunderstanding and frustration for CEOs. Understanding vital, high-level SEO principles—without getting lost in the details—can help set the right expectations with executives.

New website launches and redesign projects are often done to improve user experience and drive various business goals, whether it’s to increase brand exposure or drive qualified leads. Unfortunately, SEO is often a second or third thought, taking the back seat when it should be behind the wheel. At a minimum, we need to know and understand the ways we can use SEO to take advantage of a redesign or launch process from the outset, rather than post-disaster. This session hits on a range of topics, from introductory minimums for relaunch to specific optimization tactics to consider adding to your process so that you won’t need another redesign within the year.

If you’re an SEO or PPC practitioner working in the trenches on a daily basis, you’ve likely had some challenges in your own organization—or with organizations you work with—on moving conversations about search marketing from a siloed marketing channel to an integral part of broader company culture. There are efficiencies to be gained by integrating tasks and data within marketing departments, or even companies as a whole. As we all know, the old days of channel marketing without collaboration are gone.

Presentations can be created and crafted to match desired event agendas or session focuses. Additional topics are also available for tailored training sessions ranging from beginner to advanced.

Additional topics and presentations can align with articles written for Search Engine Journal by Corey.

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Corey’s Writing for Leading Publications

In addition to speaking at events across North America and interviews on podcasts, Corey writes on ongoing schedules for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and Forbes.

Check out a few of his latest articles below and more on the Voltage Blog.

Get to Know Corey


A veteran of the digital marketing industry since 2005, Corey is a leader and achiever. He has worked in agency roles with many inspiring brands and people. That includes his role leading Voltage and working within the Kansas City community (and well beyond).

In addition to serving as President/CEO of Voltage, Corey has served on the global board of directors for SEMPO (now part of DAA), led the international SEMPO Cities program, and founded the KC Search Conference. He’s an ongoing contributor to Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Forbes, Forbes, and guest contributor to many other outlets. His work in his agency, in the industry, and beyond landed him recognition as KCDMA marketer of the year.

However, his career isn’t all about him. His mission is to elevate others—Voltage teammates, clients, community members, and anyone else he can help—paying forward the contributions from those that invested so much in him.

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